Only 30 minutes of driving from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you are truly present at Van Loc Phat Rest Stop at the front of National Highway 13

位于13号国道, 只离胡志明城市中心30 分钟坐车就能来到万禄发停留站点

On the Highway 13 from Binh Trieu bridge to Binh Phuoc crossroad, running towards Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong, almost no any rest stop is located at a reasonable distance, owning spacious parking lots, an extremely beautiful, cool and airy view to drop by and enjoy breakfast, drink coffee and enjoy the fresh and ideal air like Van Loc Phat Rest Stop.

在13号国道, 从平赵桥过平福十字路口往土龙木市平阳省的方向去走几乎没有哪个地方能像万禄发停留站点的,这具有合理的距离,停车场宽阔加上观景极美 凉爽,适合你停留下来吃下点心 喝杯咖啡以及尽享新鲜的空气

The space here has an open and artistic design, combined with water fountains, a murmur stream of flowing water from the rockery etc, which will bring maximum of relaxation and comfort to anyone who visits and stops by at this place.99% of customers who have used our services here are all satisfied and keen to introduce Van Loc Phat Rest Stop to others.



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